Brian Stelter Calls Fox Firing Lou Dobbs ‘Curious’, Says It’s Example Not of Cancel Culture but ‘Consequence Culture’

CNN’s Brian Stelter on Saturday called the cancelling of Lou Dobbs a “curious” move by Fox, saying it isn’t clear why they would punish him but not other on-air personalities that were equally to blame for spreading Donald Trump‘s claims about a stolen election and drawing massive lawsuits against the company.

Stelter also suggested that, even though this is a literal cancellation, it’s less an example of cancel culture than it is “consequence” culture.

Anchor Victor Blackwell discussed the new $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox and Dobbs, and then asked Stelter “Do you know how much of that factor the lawsuit played in, potentially into Dobbs’ firing?”

“Right, that certainly seems like it was a factor, but sources
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