WATCH: Mike Lindell Says The ‘End Of Time’ Will Come If His ‘Miracle’ 2-Hour Documentary Doesn’t Catch On

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, a day ahead of his big “Absolute Proof” documentary premiere, spoke to a small right-wing YouTube channel on Thursday night about the big debut. Lindell said if his “miracle” documentary were not to enlighten the masses, the failure would bring about the “end of time.”

“This is like being inside of a movie; we’re in the dark part of the movie,” Lindell stated. “Either this miracle happens now, which is going to start tomorrow, it’s going to happen, and then God is going to give us grace, and it’s going to end up being the biggest revival in history. It’s going to be the biggest revival.”

Lindell then stated that if the movie, which was originally slated
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