Watch: Louise Linton, Wife of Mnuchin, Stars as Murderous Billionaire in Her Upcoming Dark Comedy Me You Madness

Louise Linton, the wife of former United States Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, dropped an incredibly thrilling and campy trailer for her upcoming dark comedy Me You Madness. 

Linton stars in her directorial debut as murderous billionaire and self-identified “materialistic, narcissistic, self absorbed misanthrope” Catherine Black, who ends up developing a “soft spot” for Ed Westwick’s character Tyler Jones.

IMDb describes Black as a “a sociopathic bisexual woman” who “hunts down and kills men with crossbows, martini glasses, and kitchen knives in order to eat them.”

“If you’re thinking this is a straight ripoff of American Psycho, in some ways you may be right,” Black says in the film according to a New York Times review by Brooks
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