Jason Johnson Urges Pence to Call Out GOP for Trying to Rush Past Trump Trial: He Should Tell the RNC ‘You Wanted People to Hang Me!’

MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson called out Mike Pence over his party’s growing willingness to brush off the trial of Donald Trump for an insurrection that threatened to hang the then-vice president for alleged treason.

Speaking with Deadline: White House host Nicolle Wallace, Johnson reiterated what he saw as the ongoing threat from violent Trump supporters, like those who stormed the Capitol and chanted “hang Mike Pence,” as well as extremist GOP members of Congress like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA). A number of stunning new reports in the past day found Greene had physically stalked a progressive gun control activist — who she called “#littleHitler” — and openly called for executing high-profile Democrats in her social media feed, as recently as 2019.

“Democrats have to stop saying —
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