Charles Payne EXPLODES on Wall Street ‘Whining’ Over Skyrocketing GameStop Stock: ‘It’s Making Me Sick!’

Fox Business host Charles Payne struck an angry, populist tone against Wall Street on Wednesday, lashing out at the hedge funds now facing massive losses because Reddit-based retail investors have sent the share price of GameStop stock and other companies the market had bet against skyrocketing.

Speaking on Cavuto Coast-to-Coast, Payne expressed his disgust that the financial industry’s primary concern about the sudden, unexpected explosion in GameStop shares seemed to focus primary on the plight of large institutional investors — and how to protect them. And the Fox Business host wasn’t the only one incensed at the establishment concern for billionaires over small day traders on Wednesday.

“The shorts, first of all, all this nonsense, all of this noise, all this
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