John Kasich Tells CNN’s Don Lemon Not All Trump Supporters Are Bad: ‘Some of Them Are Redeemable’

Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) heaped praised on President Joe Biden in a Tuesday interview with CNN’s Don Lemon and said he found at least some of former President Donald Trump’s voters to be “redeemable.”

“Republicans are kind of thinking they did well, you know, in the state and local elections,” Kasich told Lemon. “They did. But you knoow why they did well is — they ran a campaign saying Democrats wanted to defund police, that they’re socialist, you know, that they’re going to completely wreck the economy. Now that we elected Joe Biden — and, you know, I think …. he’s getting pretty good grades from people who are not just in the political bubble. People around are saying they
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