Hakeem Jeffries Says Trump Responsible for Threats to His Family During Capitol Insurrection: He Was ‘Radicalized’ By Trump

House Democratic Caucus Chair Rep. Hakeem Jeffries spoke out about the threats that were made directly to his family during the Capitol insurrection, mincing no words in laying the blame at the feet of then-outgoing President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday night’s edition of MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, host Chris Hayes asked Congressman Jeffries about the arrest of a man who texted threats directly to a member of Jeffries’ family at the same time Trump supporters were waging their deadly attack on the Capitol.

“Tell me about the threats this individual directed at your family members on January 6th,” Hayes said.

Rep. Jeffries began by expressing “thanks and deep gratitude to the FBI, the NYPD, the Capitol
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