NYT Bombshell: Trump Repeatedly Pressured DOJ to Back Election Fraud Conspiracies, Considered Firing Acting AG After He Wouldn’t Comply

Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen (left) and Attorney General Bill Barr. Photo credit: Alex Wong, Getty Images.

Former President Donald Trump reportedly pressured the Justice Department to sign onto his “big lie” election fraud conspiracies after Bill Barr resigned and considered firing the replacement, acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, when he refused Trump’s repeated entreaties.

According to a new bombshell New York Times report, Trump was plotting an 11th-hour sacking of Rosen in the final weeks of his administration so he could install a conspiracy theory-friendly DOJ deputy who was willing to put the agency’s imprimatur on the president’s bid to delegitimize the vote.

The unassuming lawyer who worked on the plan, Jeffrey Clark, had been devising ways to cast doubt on the election results
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