Chris Cuomo Conducts Heartbreaking Interview With Teen Who Turned In His Capitol Rioting Father Who Threatened Family: ‘Traitors Get Shot’

Chris Cuomo conducted a poignant, heartbreaking interview with 18-year-old Jackson Reffitt, who turned in his own father to law enforcement, after he participated in the Capitol insurrection and threatened his family with “traitors get shot.”

Speaking with the teenager about why he went to the authorities, Cuomo walked though the escalating isolation and ominous warning signs displayed by the father, Guy Reffitt, leading up to his arrest for unlawful entry at the U.S. Capitol.

“I know you love your family. And I know this is hard,” Cuomo said to the teen. “So help people understand why did you feel you had to let authorities know about what was being done to your father and what was happening if his own head?”

“I don’t really know
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