Tucker Carlson Fires Back at ‘Creepy Little Demagogue’ Rep. Brad Schneider, Who Is Pushing ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Crackdown Bill

Tucker Carlson fired back at “creepy little demagogue” Rep. Brad Schneider (D-IL), after the congressman called out the Fox host in defense of his domestic terrorism crackdown bill.

During his Thursday night show, Carlson responded at length to a tweet from Schneider, who shared a clip from the Fox host’s Wednesday night show. In the wake of the violent, Capitol insurrection that resulted in the death of five people, including one police officer, Schneider hit back at Carlson for opposing increased monitoring of violent, domestic extremists, clearly suggesting the Fox host wasn’t concerned about the deaths.

Do I want to see increased monitoring on the types of violent, extremist domestic terrorists that attacked the Capitol, leaving five people dead, including a
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