Laura Ingraham Hosts Stephen Miller While Condemning Biden’s Deportation Freeze as ‘Inciting Violence Against the U.S.’

Former White House adviser and hardline nativist Stephen Miller made his first TV appearance since leaving the Trump administration, landing on an Ingraham Angle panel on Thursday night to heap vitriol on President Joe Biden’s just-announced 100-day deportation freeze.

Host Laura Ingraham kicked off the conversation with a not-so-subtle attempt at equating Biden’s temporary halt to immigrant removals to the violent, Capitol insurrection by a pro-Trump mob two week ago.

“For all the left’s talk of former President Trump’s alleged incitement, well, our next guest says President Biden opened the door to violence. Joining me now is Miller — Stephen Miller,” she said by way of introduction.

“If you read the text of this order, it is breathtaking and mind-boggling,” Miller said, wasting no time in assailing Biden.
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