Joe Scarborough Blasts Fox News After Gingrich Claims Democrats Want to ‘Exterminate’ Republicans: ‘Beyond Grotesque’

Joe Scarborough went off on Fox News after former House Speaker Newt Gingrich claimed on Hannity Thursday night that Democrats want to “exterminate” Republicans.

“Fox News had someone I know, a former leader of the Republican party, saying that Democrats wanted, and I’m using his words here, Democrats wanted to, quote, exterminate, exterminate all Republicans,” the Morning Joe host said on Friday morning.

“Let me say that again for Fox News sponsors,” he continued. “For Fox News sponsors to let you know what’s happening now on Fox News. That they are getting people who are Fox News contributors, who are saying that Democrats, Joe Biden, and Democrats, want to, quote, exterminate all Republicans.”

He then pivoted to Tucker Carlson, without citing him
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