They Said It’d Never Happen — All the Public Figures Who Insisted Trump’s Second Term Would Begin Today

They said this wouldn’t happen — Joe Biden was not going to be inaugurated as the 46th president today.

Of course, it did just happen — and responsible media and political figures recognized that reality as far back as November 4th.

But for these die-hard Trump supporters, misleading a legion of dead-end MAGA fans — and fueling toxic conspiracies like those from QAnon extremists — was more important than grappling with now ex-President Donald Trump’s clear, certified loss in the 2020 election.

Steve Bannon

Just two days after the election, the former White House chief strategist and receiver of a brand new shiny pardon, was talking up a ridiculous, byzantine alternative to overturning the will of the voters: a “contingent election.”

“It will be the thing,
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