Newsmax Host Bizarrely Tries to Dunk On Fox News for Not Airing Trump’s Farewell Address (It Did — In Its Entirety)

Maybe they can’t afford cable at Newsmax?

How else to explain that that network’s 7:00 p.m. host, Greg Kelly, bizarrely tried to hit Fox News for not airing President Donald Trump’s farewell address in its entirety, when it absolutely did.

To open his Tuesday night show, Kelly re-aired Trump’s 20-minute valedictory speech, but not until after a brief introduction, in which he threw a sharp but totally misguided elbow at his cable new competitor.

“Late this afternoon, the president gave his official farewell address. I’m not happy about this. I know you’re not happy about this,” Kelly began. “So many in the conservative media, people who he thought were his friends, have deserted him, left him. We have not. And I know you have
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