Martin Luther King III Calls Biden Inauguration Amid DC Lockdown ‘Bittersweet’ Moment: My Father Would Be ‘Disappointed’ But ‘Hopeful’

Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King III called the impending of inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden “bittersweet” with Washington, D.C. now under an unprecedented military lockdown in the wake of the violent, pro-Trump insurrection.

Speaking with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer on the national holiday honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., King III said his father would be “greatly disappointed” in what the country is going through after the right-wing mob stormed the Capitol. However, King III also said his father “would certainly be hopeful” about the country’s future because “81 million came together and elected new leadership, and we’re going to see what a commander in chief is supposed to be.”

“We’re going to see the prospects set for a United States of America and
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