New CNN Poll Says Only 19 Percent of Republicans Believe Biden Legitimately Won the Election

A new CNN poll found that only 19 percent of Republicans believe that President-elect Joe Biden legitimately won the election, a result that host Ana Cabrera said was so shocking, it “just about took my breath away.”

Cabrera brought on husband-and-wife commentator team Margaret Hoover and John Avlon to discuss the poll, which was conducted by CNN and polling firm SSRS between January 9 and 14.

“There is a CNN poll out today that just about took my breath away,” said Cabrera. “It shows only 19 percent of Republicans believe Joe Biden won the election legitimately, compared to 75 percent of Republicans who believe he didn’t.”

The poll also found that 99 percent of Democrats and 66 percent of Independents believed Biden legitimately won.

“Margaret, this is apparently
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