‘I Believe I’ve Been Cleared’: Florida Man and Alleged Capitol Hill Insurrectionist Who Bragged About Acing FBI Interview Is Charged With Multiple Federal Crimes

Social media giveth; social media taketh away.

A Florida man who used Instagram and Facebook to post about his participation in the pro-Trump siege of the U.S. Capitol Complex last week was charged with four federal crimes on Friday.

Notably, one of those posts contained his stated belief that he had recently aced an interview with federal agents.

“Just finished speaking to an FBI agent,” Samuel Camargo wrote on Facebook on January 8. “I believe I’ve been cleared.”

A previous Facebook post begged forgiveness over his admitted role in the violent attack on the national seat of government:

To all my friends, family, and people of the United States of America I apologize for my actions today at the Capitol in D.C.
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