Jimmy Kimmel Mocks ‘Dirty Deeds-Doer’ Rudy Giuliani For Getting Snubbed By Trump

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Jimmy Kimmel mocked “number one dirty deeds-doer” Rudy Giuliani for reportedly getting snubbed by President Donald Trump in his last week in office.

Trump is reportedly telling his aides not to pay Giuliani for his failed attempt at overturning the 2020 election and is also demanding to oversee the approval of any reimbursements of the lawyer’s travel expenses.

Giuliani had been traveling around the country since November to testify in front of swing state lawmakers in order to carry out Trump’s voter fraud claims.

“Rudy Giuliani traveled around the world,” the host said on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! “He went from being America’s mayor to the parking lot of a dildo store trying to dig up dirt for Trump. The only dirt
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