Trump team knew 2018 border policy would separate families: Audit

The Justice Department knew families would be separated when it pushed the Zero Tolerance border policy in 2018 but had no concrete plans for dealing with the fallout, an inspector general said in a new report Thursday, and years later some children and parents are still struggling to reunite.

Administration officials had argued the separations were incidental, but Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz’s findings revealed that those at the top of the Justice Department were aware of the ramifications and went ahead anyway.

The report marked a final spanking to the outgoing administration over one of the low points of President Trump’s immigration policy, which saw his team struggle to deal with the caravans of families that streamed across the border early in his tenure.

Mr. Horowitz said the bungle began with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whose April 2018 memo demanded federal prosecutors along the border start to bring criminal charges
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