Pence. Kushner. McEnany. Ingraham. Even Giuliani… Here Are All People Trump Now Reportedly Feels Have Betrayed Him

Photo credit: Doug Mills-Pool, Getty Images

As his number of days left in the Oval Office grows shorter, the list of people a “sullen and vengeful” Donald Trump thinks have betrayed him keeps growing longer.

According to a Washington Post report, the now-twice impeached president is “increasingly isolated” and fuming over the lack of public support from almost every part of his inner circle, from his son-in-law to one of his favorite Fox News prime-time hosts, from his own White House press secretary to his chief legal champion of the election fraud conspiracy theories. And topping Trump’s grudges is his own vice president, Mike Pence.

With less than seven days remaining in his presidency, Trump’s inner circle is shrinking, offices
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