Fox’s Hegseth Rips ‘Pathetic’ Jake Tapper for Calling Out GOP Rep’s Defense of Trump Over Capitol Insurrection

Fox News’ Pete Hegseth tore into CNN’s Jake Tapper for questioning Rep. Brian Mast’s (R-FL) “commitment to democracy” because of his opposition to impeaching President Donald Trump.

Mast, a veteran who lost his legs while serving in Afghanistan, announced on Wednesday that he was against impeaching the president for his incitement of the violent mob who invaded the U.S. Capitol last week. During his remarks on the House floor, Mast rhetorically asked “Has any one of those individuals who brought violence on this Capitol been brought here to answer whether they did that because of our president?”

The question was met with silence, and Mast proceeded to vote against impeachment.

During CNN’s coverage on the proceedings, Dana Bash was taken aback
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