Bond Actress Tanya Roberts is Still Alive Despite Reports, According to Her Longtime Partner

Chris Delmas / Getty Images

 Actress Tanya Roberts, known for her roles in That’s 70 Show and James Bond film A View to a Kill, is still alive, despite reports from several media outlets.

Although still alive, Roberts is in critical condition after she was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Christmas Eve, according to her longtime partner Lance O’Brien and publicist Mike Pingel. 

The confusion began when Pingel asked O’Brien what happened during his latest visit to the hospital, according to The Hollywood Reporter, prompting O’Brien to say he “just said goodbye to Tanya,” presumably referring to the severity of her condition.

Pingel then confirmed to several outlets that Roberts had passed at 65, misunderstanding O’Brien’s comments.

“I did get confirmation, but that was from a very
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