Seb Gorka Quickly Interrupts MyPillow CEO’s Dominion Conspiracy Rant on Newsmax — After Network Runs Fact-Checks Over Legal Threat

Former White House adviser and pro-Trump radio host Seb Gorka abruptly cut off fellow MAGA fan Mike Lindell, when the latter began to unleash a baseless conspiracy theory about a voting machine company.

While guest hosting Greg Kelly Reports on Monday evening, Gorka discussed President Donald Trump’s plight with the MyPillow CEO, who quickly reverted to spreading a fake claim about Dominion voting machines that has been debunked by numerous news organizations as well as Fox & Friends‘ Steve Doocy. After another voting machine company, Smartmatic, sent a compliance letter to Newsmax last week threatening legal action for repeatedly spreading false claims on air, the network began running a series of lengthy debunkings of itself on Monday.

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