MSNBC’s Jason Johnson Predicts Wave of MAGA-Fueled Violence After Trump Leaves Office: ‘Will Make This Past Summer Look Like a Picnic’

MSNBC political analyst Jason Johnson ominously warned that the violence seen in Washington, D.C. over the past weekend will only intensify in the coming months, as MAGA extremists revolt over Donald Trump losing the White House.

Keying off the hundreds of right-wing Proud Boys that marched in the nation’s capital on Saturday— and the four stabbings that resulted — Johnson told Deadline: White House host Nicolle Wallace and co-panelist Donny Deutsch to expect more of the same in the near future.

Wallace prompted Johnson by reading a David Ignatius column in the Washington Post that noted the “rage in [House Republican] districts among grassroots GOP voters who believe without evidence that the system is rigged and the election was stolen by Biden.”

“This is just the beginning,” Johnson predicted in response to
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