MSNBC’s Jason Johnson Hits Biden: If He Thinks McConnell Will Work With Him on Covid Relief, He ‘Hasn’t Learned Anything in the Last 12 Years’

MSNBC’s Jason Johnson warned President-elect Joe Biden that if thinks Mitch McConnell would be a good-faith partner on passing a Covid relief package he “hasn’t learned anything in the last 12 years of American politics.”

Speaking with Deadline: White House‘s host, Nicolle Wallace, Johnson expressed deep skepticism about the incoming president’s faith in the Majority Leader’s comity, especially if Republicans retain the majority in the Senate in the next Congress.

Wallace pointed out that Biden hinted he would also rely on public opinion to leverage the GOP-led Senate, which has dragged its heels and refused to pass a House Covid relief package from May, to act between now and his inauguration.

“What he is laying out is a political strategy,” Wallace said. :He’s going to go to the American
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