‘The Grift Is On, Baby’: Michael Steele Calls Out ‘Suckers’ Donating to Trump’s Recount Effort, Who Are Actually Funding His PAC

Former RNC chair Michael Steele called out the donors giving massive amounts of money to what President Donald Trump has billed as funding his recount efforts, but is, in fact, padding his post-presidential life.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s ReidOut, Steele warned Trump supporters that they were being played for “suckers,” as Trump relentlessly presses his donor list for cash. The president pivoted to his latest fundraising strategy just days after the election, when his “Make American Great Again” PAC began intensely contacting donors to raise money for something it called his “official election defense.” But in the fine print, the PAC divulged that half the money was actually going to pay down the campaign’s debt.

According to an analysis by the New York Times,
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