Obama Raps DNC for Limiting AOC’s Speaking Time at Convention: ‘She Speaks to a Broad Cross-Section of Young People’

Former President Barack Obama said the Democratic Party should promote new voices, and criticized the short speaking time allotted to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the Democratic National Convention.

During an interview on Peter Hamby’s Good Luck America show on Snapchat, the host asked President Obama about the popularity of socialist-leaning policies among young people.

“What’s the message, what’s the pro-capitalist message, frankly, the Democrats can offer to young people?” Hamby asked.

“Socialism is still a loaded term for a lot of folks,” Obama said, and went on to add that “we should focus on talking about getting certain things done. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders both agree about raising the minimum wage,” and that “Joe Biden and AOC think we should
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