Dr. Jonathan Reiner Offers Up Brutal Takedown of Scott Atlas’ ‘Reckless’ Tenure as WH Covid Adviser: ‘Other Than That It Was a Bravura Performance’

A former medical advisor to the Bush White House, Dr. Jonathan Reiner, offered up a scathing, point-by-point takedown of Dr. Scott Atlas’ brief tenure as Trump White House Covid advisor.

Speaking with CNN’s Don Lemon on Monday night, Reiner used the news that Atlas, who was a radiologist with no training in epidemiology, had stepped down from his role. Reiner then went on to review the many “reckless” policies Atlas had advocated after he jumped from appearing on Fox News three months ago to working for President Donald Trump in the White House.

“How much time was wasted here. How many needless deaths were there because of this kind of junk science?” Lemon pointedly asked of Reiner.

“I think it’s incalculable,” Reiner replied. “[Atlas]
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