Lindsey Graham Makes Fundraising Plea on Fox for GA Runoffs: If Democrats Take Senate, ‘It’s a Nightmare for Conservatism’

Senator Lindsey Graham made multiple fundraising appeals on Fox News Monday night for viewers to support both Republicans in the Georgia Senate runoffs, saying

“If we lose these two Senate seats in Georgia, Pelosi will run the House, Schumer will run the Senate,” Graham told Hannity guest host Trey Gowdy.

He didn’t exactly acknowledge the fact that Joe Biden will be the next president, but instead warned, “If the president falls short and Biden gets to be president, you’re going to have Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden. That’s the trifecta from hell for big government. It’s a nightmare for conservatism. It’s the end of checks and balances.”

He said Democrats would pack the Supreme Court and junk the electoral college, among
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