Joy Reid Claps Back at Michael Steele for Dismissing AOC’s Solidarity with Democrats: ‘Hell Yeah, I’d Go to War With Her’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid did not hesitate to claim solidarity with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when former RNC chair Michael Steele dismissed the progressive Congresswoman as a petty extremist akin to Republican die-hard supporters who are more supportive of Trump than their party’s agenda.

In a telling moment that previewed how cable news conversations will change once President Donald Trump leaves the White House and Never Trump conservatives lack a political foil in which to make common cause with liberals, Reid and Steele got into an unexpected disagreement on Monday night about their respective partisan allies.

Reid kicked off the discussion by asking Steele about the Lincoln Project’s scorched-earth attacks on the Senate Republican who aided and abetted Trump’s agenda and continue to
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