CNN’s Jim Acosta Blasts Trump’s ‘Bizarre’ Turkey Pardon Ceremony, Taunts Him For Hiding From Press: He’s ‘Nursing Some Wounds’

CNN’s Jim Acosta buried President Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving turkey pardon — noting that the president sounded “bizarre” and appeared to be “nursing some wounds.”

“This was just another of those episodes at which the president is just sounding bizarre,” said Acosta while on with CNN host Brianna Keilar. “He’s talking about the ‘China virus,’ he’s talking about ‘America first’ at a ceremony for pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey here at the White House.”

Acosta also noted that the president celebrated the Dow during the holiday ceremony, something he already did Tuesday during a 64-second briefing.

The reporter pointed out that Trump’s speech sounded like one typically saved for the campaign trail, not one made by a lame-duck president at the Thanksgiving event.

“You heard the president just a
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