Dr. Jonathan Reiner Blasts Trump After Don Jr. Tests Positive for Covid: I’m Angry So Many Have Died Because of His Father’s Inattention

Former Bush White House medical adviser Dr. Jonathan Reiner weighed in on the news that Donald Trump Jr. is the latest member of the president’s inner circle to test positive for Covid-19. He said that he took no pleasure from the virus infecting the president’s son, someone who has publicly dismissed the deadly risks of the outbreak, and instead just felt frustration and anger.

Appearing on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, Reiner emphasized that the disconnect between the Trump campaign’s lack of leadership as the pandemic is raging out of control across the country.

“Don Jr. tested positive after attending an indoor Election Night party with barely any masks,” Lemon noted. “When you don’t take the virus seriously, aren’t outbreaks likely,
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