Guy Benson Claims That If Hillary, Obama Were Meddling in Michigan Election Like Trump, Conservatives Would Be ‘In The Streets Screaming Their Heads Off’

Fox News contributor Guy Benson offered a historical counterfactual to that network’s conservative viewers, asking them to imagine their reaction if, four years ago, candidate Hillary Clinton had suggested disregarding Trump’s vote lead in Michigan and then-President Barack Obama had invited state officials to the White House to pressure them to choose her in the Electoral College.

Appearing on The Story with Martha MacCallum on Thursday evening, the TownHall politics editor ran through the Trump campaign’s latest attempts to overcome President-elect Joe Biden’s 150,000 margin of victory in Michigan.

“The Trump campaign in that press conference today claimed that they dropped their Michigan suit because they got their desired remedy which was a delay in the certification in Wayne County, which isn’t what happened,” Benson pointed out. “They
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