Geraldo Slaps Down Jesse Watters Pushing Trump Campaign’s ‘Bizarre’ Fraud Claims: ‘An International Conspiracy? Why Not Elvis?’

The Five erupted over the Trump campaign’s increasingly absurd election fraud claims, with guest host Geraldo Rivera slapping down co-host Jesse Watters’ credulous repetition of nearly every baseless charge made by the president’s legal team.

Just moments earlier, Watters had offered a highly sympathetic recap of a Thursday press conference led by Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, which was marked by a bizarre reenactment of My Cousin Vinny, an ominous dripping of black goo down his forehead, and numerous, outlandish conspiratorial claims that wove in Antifa, George Soros, Hugo Chavez, and the Clinton Foundation.

Once Watters concluded, Rivera quickly called him out: “Come on, Jesse. I mean, really?”

Watters, mocking the criticism, fired back, his voice dripping with extra sarcasm: “COME ON, GERALDO!”

“The Clinton Foundation,
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