Female GOP lawmakers team up on Ilhan Omar in social media spat: ‘You married your brother’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Sen. Kelly Loeffler, both Georgia Republicans, teamed up on Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar on Friday, calling for Omar to be “expelled from Congress” and accusing her of marrying her brother.

“Ilhan, We saw the video of you smiling and laughing while talking about al-Qaeda & 9/11,” Loeffler told Omar after the Minnesota Democrat referred to one of the senator’s tweets as “blatant lies” and brought up accusations of “insider trading” leveled against Loeffler that were ultimately dismissed. “We know that you funneled MILLIONS of dollars to your new husband’s ‘consulting’ firm. And we know that you’re an unabashed anti-Semite. You should be expelled from Congress.”

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