Cenk Uygur: ‘It’s an Insult to Everyone Who Voted for Joe Biden that He Refuses to Fight Back against Donald Trump’

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Frequent readers of Mediaite know that we have long credited Young Turks’ founder and host Cenk Uygur’s willingness to hit back at his political opponents, a rare trait for those on the progressive end of the political spectrum. His lead role on the “fighting left” was on full display during a Thursday night segment in which he called out President-elect Joe Biden’s unwillingness to actively fight back on President Donald Trump’s specious effort to overturn the election results which he clearly lost.

Uygur’s pique came in response to Trump and his legal team’s efforts to disenfranchise the predominantly African-American voters in Detroit and persuade Michigan’s Republican state legislators to overturn the will of the state’s voters. Uygur says
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