Biden Ruffles Feathers By Hitting the Public Up for Transition Funds With Government Cash Frozen: ‘Weirdest GoFundMe I’ve Ever Seen’

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

President-elect Joe Biden’s attempt to raise funds for his own transition into the White House is prompting bipartisan ridicule from politicos who question whether the funds could be better spent elsewhere.

Biden took to Twitter on Friday to highlight the effort, which began earlier in the week as an appeal to high-dollar donors. “Here’s the deal,” said a message from Biden’s account. “Because President Trump refuses to concede and is delaying the transition, we have to fund it ourselves and need your help. If you’re able, chip in to help fund the Biden-Harris transition.”

“Here’s the deal: you’re giving your rich donors everything they want so ask them,” one user wrote in response. Another wrote, “Why
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