Whitney Cummings Calls Out Hollywood For Not Empathizing with Trump Supporters

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

In a new interview, Whitney Cummings says more people in Hollywood should try to empathize with supporters of President Donald Trump.

The actress and comedian, who served as the executive producer of ABC’s Roseanne reboot, was asked by The Daily Beast if she took the gig to get into “the mind of a Trump supporter” like Roseanne Barr.

Cummings explained, “I’m fascinated by playing devil’s advocate and want to understand the people I disagree with. I don’t want to dismiss and malign. I think it’s very self-righteous or sanctimonious to just dismiss people we disagree with without trying to understand why they believe what they believe.”

Cummings, who was raised in Washington, D.C.,
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