Dan Abrams Warns There’s Now a ‘Tiny Chance’ Trump Could ‘Steal This Election’

ABC chief legal analyst and SiriusXM radio host Dan Abrams warned that he thinks that there is now a “tiny chance” that President Donald Trump could “steal this election.”

During a discussion on his SiriusXM POTUS radio show, Abrams explained how he has grown more alarmed by Trump’s ongoing efforts to undo his 2020 election loss.

“I have been saying for a week now that there’s nothing to worry about,” Abrams said, brushing off questions from friends and family who ask if Trump could really prevail. “My answer is always no.”

But no longer.

“I am starting to think that there is a tiny chance that he will successful steal this election, tiny, less than five percent,” Abrams conceded.

“For the first time I
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