‘No One Wants to Go Through That Again’: Jake Tapper Cites 2000 Recount as Reason Why Networks Gun-Shy on Calling Election

CNN’s Jake Tapper addressed the many, many Americans who are very, very, very tired waiting for the election results, delivering a heartfelt one-minute monologue, explaining that the infamous 2000 recount had left the networks understandably cautious about making premature calls.

“I know there are a lot of viewers out there who are frustrated that we are not calling these states,” said Tapper, referring to the final states that had yet to be called.

The latest data reported by CNN showed Joe Biden with a lead over President Donald Trump in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, and the numbers steadily trending in Biden’s direction.

“Just to remind you, we are just waiting for the data to justify confidence in projecting this,” continued Tapper, looking right in the camera
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