CNN’s Chris Cuomo Goes HAM on Fox News After Panel Tries to Defend Them: ‘No Forgiveness! — They LIE to Their Viewers!’

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo went on a tear when members of a panel tried to cushion criticism of Fox News, telling his colleagues that there should be “No forgiveness” for the network, which he said “lies to their audience to benefit Trump.”

Fellow anchor Don Lemon began the segment by playing a clip for his in-studio panel — which consisted of CNN reporter Nia-Malika Henderson, and CNN analysts John Avlon and Margaret Hoover — of Fox News correspondent Eric Shawn calling out a Trump campaign lie to Fox Anchor Dana Perino — which is becoming a habit for Shawn.

Lemon and his fellows were not exactly laudatory — Lemon casually referred to the network as “state TV” —
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