Ballot Issues Force Election Staff in Heavily-Blue Pennsylvania County to Take Day Off, Votes Won’t Be Counted Until Friday

Jeff Kowalsky/AFP/Getty Images

Election staff in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania are reportedly taking the day off for “administrative work” due to issues with thousands of ballots — meaning many of the votes will not get counted until Friday.

The state’s second-largest county, which includes the heavily-blue city of Pittsburgh, was hit with a court order that halts 29,000 of the remaining 35,000 ballots left from being counted, due to a mishap with the ballots, according to Ryan Deto of the Pittsburgh City Paper.

Not just a day off. 29k of 35k left can’t be legally counted until Fri. due to court order. 29k are replacement ballots bc a contracted company delivered wrong ballots last month. Election return board HAS
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