Twitter Has a Field Day With Tucker Carlson’s Mysterious Lost Package: ‘Pro Tip from 1999 … Scan and Email It’

Tuesday night’s episode of the Tucker Carlson show featured an hour-long interview with Tony Bobulinksi, who (for non-viewers of Fox News) is the former speculative business partner of Hunter Biden suddenly at the center of a curiously sourced news narrative that is either a smear campaign against Joe Biden or damning evidence of impeachable corruption. The episode drew more viewers in the history of all cable news, or something, so Carlson followed that show with an episode that analyzed the previous show.

Viewers of Wednesday night’s show learned that there was even MORE evidence—confidential documents—related to the Biden family that would ostensibly show nefarious behavior that could change the election. Unfortunately, that evidence was lost. From Mediaite’s Read more…

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