Don Lemon Blasts Trump Campaign for Mocking Biden With Out-of-Context Quote from The Pope: ‘Every Time You Think That They Have Hit Rock Bottom’

CNN’s Don Lemon called out the Trump campaign after it put out a deceptive smear on 2020 Democratic challenger Joe Biden, using a short clip from his campaign speech to imply he was spaced out. But in fact, Biden was quoting Pope Francis, who was, ironically, admonishing politicians to think deeply about how they can pursue a more noble path than “media spin.”

Lemon noted that Biden is a devout Catholic and then played a clip of Biden speaking to supporters in Georgia on Tuesday. During his speech, Biden went on to quote from one of the Pope’s latest encyclical, which in a not-so-veiled reference to Trump, warned churchgoers against  a “phony populism” spreading around the world.

“Pope Francis warns
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