Covid Outbreaks Reportedly Surged by 1,500 Cases Across Midwest in the Wake of Mostly Maskless Trump Rallies

Photo credit: Bridget Bennett: AFP, Getty Images

The spread of coronavirus grew by an additional 1,500 cases across the Midwest in the weeks after President Donald Trump’s — mostly maskless and non-socially distanced — campaign rallies.

That’s according to an analysis from USA Today, which tracked Covid outbreaks at nearly three dozen of the president’s rallies since mid-August. It found that, in five counties, cases in the two weeks following a rally grew at a rate noticeably faster than the average rise in the two weeks before. In the remainder of examples, cases did not grow appreciably faster than before Trump’s campaign event.

A USA Today analysis shows COVID-19 cases grew at a faster rate than before after at least five of those
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