Trump Calls His Predicted Vaccine Timeline as ‘More Accurate’ Than Health Experts’ as Biden Slams Him Over 220K Covid Deaths

The second and final presidential debate started Thursday night with a back-and-forth over the U.S. coronavirus response.

President Donald Trump continued to defend his leadership and said, “We’re fighting it and we’re fighting it hard.”

“There are some spikes and surges in other places. They will soon be gone,” he continued.

The president then said “we have a vaccine “that’s coming, it’s ready,” and claimed, “It’s coing to be announced within weeks, and it’s going to be delivered.”

He talked about his own recovery from the coronavirus before repeating what he’s repeatedly said on the campaign trail — that “we’re rounding the turn” on the virus.

Biden responded, “220,000 Americans dead. You hear nothing else I say tonight, hear this. Anyone who’s responsible for
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