Top 3 Legal Questions About Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Beyond Cringe’ Scene in ‘Borat,’ Answered

Rudy Giuliani’s unwitting, uh, performance in Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat Subsequent Moviefilm raised both serious questions and eyebrows across the Twittersphere on Wednesday.

Do a search right now on this website for Giuliani and Borat.

Don’t ask.

Just do it.

— George Conway (@gtconway3d) October 21, 2020

While we can’t help you unsee the images of America’s Mayor and the now-infamous “tuck,” we can offer some perspective on what it all means—legally.

1. Could Sacha Baron Cohen be guilty of posting “revenge porn”?

It was immediately asserted and circulated widely that image gone viral of Giuliani on a bed with his hand in his pants constituted revenge porn.

In 2019, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) signed a law that made “revenge porn”
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