Lara Trump Defends President Going After Gov. Whitmer: He Wasn’t Provoking People, ‘He Was Having Fun at a Trump Rally’

CNn’s Jake Tapper opened his interview with Trump 2020 campaign senior adviser Lara Trump Sunday confronting her over President Donald Trump continuing to attack Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer following the recent thwarted kidnapping attempt on her.

Tapper showed clips from the rally, including the chants of “lock her up” that the president enjoyed and the moment when he remarked, “I guess they said she was threatened. And she blamed me!”

A few days ago in an interview the president accused Whitmer of wanting to be a “dictator.”

Whitmer tweeted after the president’s rally, “This is exactly the rhetoric that has put me, my family, and other government officials’ lives in danger while we try to save the lives
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