WATCH: Trump Fan Outside Rally Laughs As Another Tells ABC News Reporter ‘Put A Bullet In Your Head, Buddy’

ABC News reporter Will Steakin was shocked when a Trump supporter outside President Donald Trump’s Ocala, Florida rally told him “Put a bullet in your head, buddy. I got one,” drawing laughter from the woman he was interviewing.

Steakin posted the clip to Twitter on Friday afternoon, writing “Trump supporter in line at Ocala FL rally shouts off camera: “ABC News…Put a bullet in your head, buddy. I got one…”

In the video, Steakin is interviewing a woman — on line for Trump’s jam-packed and mask-optional rally — who can be heard telling him “if I can go without a mask in there…,” then stops to laugh as a man off camera says “ABC NEws, I can’t believe it. Put
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