Tucker Carlson Rips Town Halls: Biden ‘Skated By’ While Trump Was Confronted for ‘Performative Disavowals’ of White Supremacy, QAnon

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson blasted both town halls with Joe Biden and Donald Trump, slamming Savannah Guthrie for confronting the president to make “performative disavowals” of white supremacy and QAnon.

Carlson started with ABC’s town hall with Biden and went off on George Stephanopoulos for not asking about the reporting on his son Hunter. He said he’s received nonpublic information that proves conclusively this was indeed hunter Biden’s laptop, period” and called the town hall “a cover-up in real time.”

“No matter what happens in the election next month, the American media will never be the same after this. It cannot continue this way. It is too dishonest,” Carlson said.

He mocked answers Biden gave on transgender rights and what the
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